Breast milk and ADHD


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   For a while now we’ve been talking about the energetics of food and we keep on saying that “you are what you eat” actually means “the food you intake has an energy information that goes into your cells, being transformed into moods and states of mind”. That is simple logic.

   Also, we must know that the mother-child connection is usually so strong that mother’s moods are often transmitted to and amplified in the  children, so any disfunction in the child’s behavior might be first checked for with the parents.

   So, as we were holding the “Diet optimization” class this Saturday, one thing came clear to me; maybe some others said it, but it’s only now that I realized it: since meat is the energy of agitation and fear (this is how the human energy body is “translating” the meat), and since every energy the mother has is /can be transmitted through breast milk to the child, then the energy of meat is also transmitted to the children, generating the states described and medicated as ADHD. The ADHD has an increased rate in the last ten years or so, because the new children coming now are not at all adapted to the energy of fear and aggression, their energy systems do not cope to that, they are very sensitive and responding very strong to that. They are actually here to change this in our society. Therefore, the energy of meat transmitted through breast milk is actually really toxic to their system, generating the reactions mentioned above. Therefore, there can be an incompatibility between the mother’s diet an the necessities of the breastfed child.

   We strongly believe and recommend that a vegetarian diet before and throughout pregnancy, and also while breast-feeding, would lead to healthier mental-emotional systems for the children, as explained in the above.

For more information on vegetarianism an how it can be beneficial for yours and your children’s health please check our list of documentaries and also the articles on this.

Also, to know how to go to a vegetarian or lighter diet, you can opt for the  “Optimizing the Diet” video class (Optimizarea dietei  – the Romanian version) and/or the “Get Seduced by Your Own Life” book (“PASI PENTRU O VIATA SEDUCATOARE– the Romanian version).



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