The Guided Meditation for Thyroid, Communication and Creativity

Would you like to get rid of fatigue and feel energized ? Would you like to be healthier and enhance your sexuality? The Guided Meditation for Thyroid, Communication and Creativity has been created especially for you.

This guided meditation helps healing the thyroid(the endocrine gland for communication) and the whole endocrine system, which enhances your health and vitality and your sexual thriving with lots of positive effects throughout your body:

  •  Energization
  •  Balancing your diet
  •  Regulating metabolism
  •  Relaxation and healing
  •  Eliminating the fatigue
  •  Enhancing sexual pleasure
  •  Amplifying personal magnetism
  •  Recovering the health of your ovaries/womb

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This guided exercise is for you

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“Hi Christiana, Thank you so much for the meditation! I think this is absolutely positive, powerful, and incredibly inspiring. Thank you for keeping me updated on all of the amazing work that you are doing as I feel that work you are doing is very important. It is good to hear from you and I hope all is well! Cheers, Nat" Natalie Lendwell, founder of The Inspiration Show”

Natalie Lendwell - founder of The Inspiration Show

“I am very glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you and I am profoundly grateful to you for helping me regain my health and balance (the most precious gift that I’ve received this year!) ! I wish for you to be able to offer just as much value to all those that meet you!”

C.R. - Iasi - about the Soul Healing therapy Session

“Cristiana, something happened after the Soul Healing session and everything we’ve done. God has brought me my man. So Soul Healing is working…it’s remodeling my reality!”

I.C. - Iasi

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The value and experience behind this meditation

I have begun my harmonization journey as I was 28 and I was working 16 hour per day at my job as a manager in the events industry; and in the evening I would also come back to my family tasks. As a result, my health and feminine harmony were decreasing.

I’ve begun to practice holistic techniques and the teachings of the Taoist therapy in order to learn how to relax during my work and my interaction with people, to heal the “damage” that stress and overworking had caused in my life.

I have travelled the world and followed the classes of some of the best most renowned mentors, practiced their techniques on daily basis, at home, for more than six years, with the perseverance and drive that were necessary to regain my health and balance at a higher level.

I have learned, through direct practice, about the importance of the endocrine health in the general functioning of the body, about the health of the ovaries and feminine genital system and about the importance of recirculating the internal energy , that helps us energize and keep our focus throughout our daily activities.

When people started to ask for my help I’ve started my job as a therapist and counselled hundreds or maybe thousands of women in regaining their health and feminine harmonizing.

I have created this exercise as a result of all my studies of the last years on the energetic and physical body.

I’ve started these studies to regain my own health and the daily practice of the techniques I had learned from my Taoist mentors have brought me back the state of balance and health that I had lost as the result of years of intensive work and an unhealthy lifestyle and way of thinking.

This exercise is the sum of all these quests and research and it offers not only the subconscious suggestions necessary for healing, but also the energy and support of a valuable expertise.

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Cristiana Eltrayan - Holistic Therapist & Life Coach

Motto: "Life transformations come from integrating our spiritual side and our souls’ choices into the social plane."

For many years Cristiana Eltrayan has worked with people, and trained to become a holistic therapist and life coach.

After having pursued and achieved professional success in management, she has oriented herself towards the self-balancing and spiritual development field, which she has studied and practiced for years with Yoga, qi-gong and other biofield practices that are meant to make us a purer channel for The Divine.

Her intention and drive is to become and stay a pure channel for Light for as long as possible in this physical body and to share this knowledge with those opened to this.

She is now practicing the Soul Healing – Holistic Therapy – which deals with the balance between body – mind-soul and deprogramming and reprogramming the energy field, and shares her experiences in books, workshops, classes and conferences.


She is applying the Soul Healing therapy for the following life aspects:

  • Love/couple relationships – healing emotional trauma, managing internal/external conflicts
  • Parent-children relationships – managing disagreements or disabilities
  • Family relationships- understanding and accepting family roles
  • Nutrition harmonization-finding the appropriate dietary lifestyle
  • Career-choosing the right profession
  • The relationship with oneself
  • Spirituality


  • Soul Healing therapy
  • ThetaHealing practitioner
  • Tao of Healing practitioner
  • Yoga stretching practitioner
  • Light and sound therapy
  • Pranic feeding practitioner (vegan-fruitarian)
  • Therapeutic dance practitioner (Sacred dance for healing)
  • Angel therapy practitioner
  • Practica Art therapy
  • Over ten years I working with people in professions like:
    • Soul Healing Therapist
    • Creator of the volunteering project for children “Energy in Harmony” – held in schools – see the blog on Children relationship section
    • General manager of her own events company
    • Sales and marketing manager in event organizing field

Certificates & Trainings :

  • Basic DNA & Advanced DNA Therapist Certificate la THINK –Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge
  • Peace Ambassador la The Embassy of Peace (Holistic Training Organization)
  • Personal Development Counsellor through the Education Ministry
  • Honor Certificate as a Woman’s Accademy Specialist
  • Nutrition Specialist through Education Ministry
  • Peace Ambassadors Training la The Embassy of Peace 2014-2015
  • Pranic Healing and Biofield Harmonization Training (Darkroom Retreat - Thailand) - 2013
  • Holistic healing and energy bio-field programming training - „Biofield Technician - Biofield harmonization and programming, Mind - Self Empowerment Academy (Assisi Italy) 2013
  • Theta Healing Basic and Advanced DNA Course - March - June 2012
  • Holistic healing and energy bio-field programming training - Self Empowerment Academy - 2011
  • Pranic Healing, Meditation, Nutrition, Mind Programming, Angelic Healing, Light Color Healing, Channeling, Personal and global energy healing - Self Empowerment Academy – 2010

Cristiana Eltrayan is also now working as a Peace Ambassador at The Embassy of Peace, an international NGO created to help those interested to enjoy personal and spiritual development programs through her workshops and video programs.

As an author, she shares her experience in her internationally published books, on lifestyle changes, vegetarianism and healthy nutrition, mentality changes, couple and sexuality harmony, spiritual development.

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What this meditation is and how this helps you

The Guided Meditation for Thyroid, Communication and Creativity is an exercise taught in the Taoist healing system and it facilitates the healing and energizing of the thyroid and of the whole endocrine system plus the sexual life balancing and a general state of health.

It is helping you get rid of the communication blockages and and of what’s holding you back from expressing your needs and wants, it helps you improve the health and general tonus and to experience your sexuality with joy and contentment. It helps you get to know your own body and to regain your feminine glow.

Throughout these 40 minutes of relaxation you receive clear subconscious suggestions to energize every internal organ and each endocrine gland, for an overall restructuring of the body.

The exercise uses the expertise of thousands of years’ work in holistic therapy, “translated” in a simple, easy to use exercise for the comfort of your home. All it takes is you listening to these suggestions and visualizations, for the healing to take place.

After these 40 minutes you feel more energized, more balanced more rested and more reinvigorated , and through it’s periodic repetition the internal organs and your whole body are recovering their tonus and vitality.

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What do people say

“I thank you so much for your gift! Thank you for being here! I thank myself for finding you! Love!”


“I thank you so much, Cristiana! You told me that people have come aut and will come out of my life. It is true, I am now moving and I am glad! I felt to share this with you and to thank you!”

R.C. - Iasi - about the Soul Healing session

“Hi Cristiana, two weeks have passed without medication and I thought of writing to you! I will come again for an angelic counselling. I thank you and I am profoundly grateful to you!”

R.C. - Iasi - about the Soul Healing session

“I was late with my exercises bot I am now recovering. So, dear Cristiana, I really had work to do and I feel that I am in a much better energy flux. Your teachings are very useful! Thank you!”

C. - Bucuresti

“Dear Cristiana, I Thank you for all that you’ve given me and I really had a super state after, I have a feeling of love for the woman I am, and it’s as if my physical heart is filled,too! I sense that many good changes are coming in my life.”

I.C. - Iasi

“I want to thank you for the session. What helped me the most is the meditation that has fed me with Mother Earth’s love. I’ve always felt a connection with God, but no connection with the Earth. I now understand a lot, I needed healing and acceptance in the relationship with Mother.”

A.A. - Irlanda - about the Soul Healing session 

“I am very fond of the fact that you give us many keys for the daily life. I am so grateful to have subscribed to this program (The Luscious Lifestyles Program), it is one of the most wonderful things that have hapened to me lasly. I have never had such an opportunity in my life! I thank God you exist, for opening our horizon so much!”

E.D. - Iasi

“What our Soul Healing session has started is amazing and in the weeks to pass I have discovered that indeed some patterns have changed. You remember the „I am a saint” thing I told you about…Well, now I am a woman who enjoys her experiences!!! And even my partner said that something has changed, he couldn’t tell what, but something is clearly different… I feel exttraordinary inside and it’s like all my cells are dancing now!”

C.M. - Bucuresti - about Succes as a Lifestyle

“Cred ca am declansat ceva cu sedinta de soul healing cu tine, ceva f frumos, am descoperit in saptamanile care au trecut ca intr-adevar s-au schimbat niste tipare comportamentale si emotionale...stii tu aia cu "sunt o sfanta"? ei bine sunt o femeie care se bucura de experientele ei :)) si partenerul meu a zis ca ceva s-a schimbat, nu-si da seama ce, dar clar e diferit...{...} am avut un episod in prima zi, pe care la fel l-am simtit a fi o purificare, pt ca ma simteam extraordinar, iar in ultimele zile m-a pocnit brusc o febra, din zona gatului, desi dau cu subsemnatul ca imunitatea mea e buna si nu am pescuit-o de nicaieri, si din nou, ma simt extraordinar pe interior, am o stare de veselie si parca toate celulele mele danseaza.”

I.O. - Iasi - about the Soul Healing session

“The seeds you’ve planted are starting to grow roots. I started my exercising again and I gave up the wild way of feeding myself. I started taking good care of my body and to be more aware of my love for the temple of my soul. The meditation is wonderful! I learned things from you that I am now apllying and you have inspired me with a more loving way of treating my body and my food. I am now focusing on apllying everything you have offered me through your book, interviews and private sessions. I work intensively to transform all these in habits. I thank you for everything. You are a being full of gifts and love and I am glad to have known you!”

AM. A. - Bucuresti

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How to use this meditation?

1. Have a glss of water before and after the guided meditation. Water helps energy circulate better in the body.

2. We kindly recommend using the earphones or headphones for best results with this exercise, plus they keep other noises away.

3. To stay awake during the meditaion, sit yourself comfortalby, best with your back straight.

4. Don’t „try” to do what the exercise tells you, just relax as an observer and watch you energy circulating as you listen.

5. Generally, the recommended practice for a new technique is of minimum 21/28 days, for enabling new neural pathways to be formed, but in the energy realm things can be different so try using it for at least seven days for notable results.

6. Using this exercise does not exclude the alopatic treatment for serious health issues; however, it can improve the results of an alopatic treatment and it comes as an extra help in your therapy.

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