How to be more in contact with your own body


To help you with your grounding, we offer an excerpt of “Pamela Kribbe – Grounding through joy and creativity”

I would like to tell you more of the significance of gounding. What does being connected to the earth, being grounded, really means? To be grounded means: to be present in your own body, being able to feel your body from the interior towards the exterior, feeling the influx of Life in every inch of your body, from the head to the toes. Just check whether you can experience this flux. Can you simply feel the tip of your toes in this moment? Your toes? Can you feel the life inside of them?

When you are grounded, you feel clear and content. You are open to the inspiration of your soul and, at the same time, you are connected to everything that happens around you in your daily life. To be able to bridge the sky and the Earth, feeling that bridge, is what it means to be grounded.

Many of you are carrying the light of their souls in the upper side of your body, around your heart and your head. You will see how difficult it is to really let it come down in the lower part of your body, in the abdomen, calfs and legs. One reason why this is hard for you to do is the fear of your greatness. You are afraid to be the radiant angel that you are, to make a difference in the world. This fear is old and its roots are older than this existence of yours. In the past, you were incarnated on Earth many times and many times you have felt unwanted. You are all in the process of healing this old wound.

I would suggest two ways of grounding and of feeling that you are really welcomed on Earth, in all your greatness, your creative power and your divinity.

Ground yourself through joy

The first way is through joy. You are not used to truly enjoy yourselves. To enjoy what?

Well, all that you can experience on Earth. Your body offers you many possibilities to enjoy, but many of these have been considered sinful or inferior in your culture.

To enjoy the movements of your body, the caress of the sun on your skin, the eating and the drinking, the warm touch of another…

Being capable to enjoy these things means being capable to really receive.

Why is this difficult for you?

Many of you feel there’s something wrong with them, that you are not fine the way you are. You think that you have to work hard and achieve or receive some acknowledgements and approval. This is a nonsense, as seen from Nature’s point of view. Have you ever seen a wild animal working hard to receive acknowledgements? Well, no, the animal simply is and has the right to be as he is, not as something that he should deserve. The animal is capable to freely enjoy the sun, food, a good bath, the seasons and natural rhythms of life.

You are all invited to receive  and experience yourselves as divine beings, capable to receive for the simple fact that they are what they are. You are invited to enjoy the simple things that life in a physical body has to offer. Receiving might seem easy, but it isn’t. A deep level of self love is necessary, a profound self-acknowledgement and appreciation of what you are. Dare to reach this level of self love!

Choose a moment every day  where you ask yourself what you can do for yourself  right now, something to really please and fulfill you. What do you really feel you would like to have or do? Then do it! Do it for yourself, to honor yourself and because you’re here on Earth to enjoy!

When you really enjoy whatever there is, without blame or shame, then you are grounded. You are perfectly present in the moment and all is fine. There are no thoughts about the past or future . the joy means being present, fully grounded.

Ground yourself through creativity

There is a second way to become firmly connected to the ground, fully grounded. And that is through creativity. This is what you were made for. Every person has a natural desire to express, to manifest himself in the world. This has nothing to do with achieving fame or success in society. It rather has to do with finding a way of expressing yourself  that would give you real satisfaction.

Maybe raising a family would deeply fulfill you, or running a company that inspires you. Maybe, in some way, taking care of pets is the desire of your heart, or there maybe a type of artistic expression, that you feel it might be natural to you.

Every soul yearns for some type of self-expression. The moment you respond to this desire, you feel you are fulfilled. The moment you allow your inner creativity to unfold, you will feel “Yes! This is the real me, this is the way my energy wants to flow!”.

And in that moment your soul connects to the heart of the earth, the heart of this reality. It is important to discover what you really want in your life and to make room for the creative flux from inside of you. It is what happens when your divine essence touches the ground and it takes material form.

Now, I would like to imprint in you the idea that you should truly be more respectful to yourself. Many of you are suppressing the impulse of doing what your heart most desires. So often you are thinking of  “the way you should behave”, at what is expected of you, at your tasks and responsibilities. This way you will never find the key to unfold your creative power!

Your creative power is speaking to you through your womb, from your core. It is not interested of your limitative rules and obligations that you have accepted as your own. Set yourself free from that! Feel this stream of fire and passion that streams from your womb and let it flow freely!

Sparkles of light will find their way from your womb to your heart, from the inside to the outside, an thus you will express yourselves in your own, original way on Earth.

You will see that your creativity will touch others and thus it will bring them joy and inspiration. Following your passion has a much more positive impact in the world than doing what you were told, in a virtuous way and forcing yourself to bend to the limitations set by norms and structures.

It is a time for a change. It is a time for being brave and taking chances, a time to hear the voice of your heart and act according to it in all the areas of your lives. Through the true surrender to the guidance of your heart, you dive your roots deep in the ground, and you begin to discover that life here on Earth is really valuable!”

This excerpt is included in the book “Your Harmony, Woman” by Cristiana Eltrayan.

To facilitate your healing and energizing of the creative area, try this exercise.

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