How to help your children achieve their goals


As I move through life, patterns unfold with the people I work with. One of the patterns most frequently observed in the past few months is that of mothers that are very focused on their children’s achievements and on how good they are doing in school. So far so good, but when this is done at the cost of their relationship’s harmony or of their children’s health, this becomes an issue.   As we follow this pattern through the Soul Healing sessions, we also see that the main theme we have to work on for the child to go better with school and life is the mother’s health and self-confidence. When pressured as a child, maybe not loved or conditioned by her parents, the mother herself becomes the mother of stressful, conditioning type. As she did not know how to be unconditionally loved in her early childhood, she also reflects that onto her own children, only being satisfied and happy when they have good grades, goo behavior, good achievements. We are not contesting a mother’s will an right to see her child happy and fulfilled, we are only speaking of the extreme scenarios, when parents are exagerating their tendency to force the child to success.

And there is another important aspect that we feel to mention: the new children nowadays are no longer interested in or coping with the information they receive with some of the present schooling systems, the boring bulk themes some have to learn about, obviously unnecessary for their adult life. Therefore they refuse to encompass or pay attention to the school information, as their soul knows this is not what they came to do. When a child is reluctant to school lessons or to learning in general, this might be because he doesn’t really need that for his life’s purpose. Some might not be connected enough to remember what their life purpose really is(which can be easily found through a counselling session), but they sure know when they are not alligned with it and they manifest sheer reluctance to anything that is outside of it. Some even come to manifest health issues if they are pushed to or forced to follow a path that is not theirs .

And sometimes the Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) is just a sign that their intelligence or intuitive capacity is way beyond the level of information that is shared in school and they are just…bored! Therefore, for mothers(or parents in general) to manage to help their children have better results in their best life purpose direction, the main focus is…appreciation an love.

Appreciation (for any goo thing that the child does) is the feeling that builds up self-esteem and openness. If you want your child to tell you about his hopes, dreams and interests, to help you know how to guide him to the best suited schools and learning institutions, you have to stay opened and tell him what you appreciate about him. Then, with love you are building his openness and ability to trust the world; and when he trusts the world he is able to express his true nature and to find and follow his life purpose, attaining the best results!



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