Why affirmations don’t work on long term?

While talking to a friend the other day about subconscious and how to remove subconscious blockages, I just realized a very important thing: people confuse the psychological therapy and even the manifestation/materialization exercises with re-programming the subconscious.

Both psychological therapy and the techniques we mentioned (which include affirmations, visualization exercise and some types of meditation) are useful, but they can only help you to the degree in which, for example, decorating a messy house would be useful. If you have a clean house, it is useful to bring in new decoration – you can buy a modern lamp or a luxurious plant, they will surely improve and renew the aspect of your home for a while, but they are only efficient in a clean house… Neither the plant, nor the lamp can take out the garbage under your carpets or do the dust in a messy house. If you haven’t yourself cleaned the house before bringing the new decorations, it will also remain messy after you bring in the new items. They might improve a little the image of the house, but they won’t shift the general state of it’s aspect.

Similarly, the affirmations, visualization exercises and all the other manifestation techniques will not clean or radically transform the programs in your subconscious. They’ll “redecorate” it with new elements, but they just pile up over the old self-sabotaging programs, if you didn’t delete those before beginning the affirmation/visualization work. And, similarly with the home analogy, if you still have garbage under the carpet (meaning the programs that might slow you down or sabotage you), then the new elements you bring in will only cover for a while these old programs, maybe minimizing their effects, but these effects always show up again later. And sometimes they come up amplified, even over the years.

Have you ever heard these stories with people that are so much into personal growth, they know the Law of Attraction, do affirmations etc, they build the dream house, the ideal company, the perfect family, they live “the American dream” for a while, only to watch it all go down the drain some while later, while they ask themselves how come everything has fallen apart? Or – even more interesting – they  reach their goals in the life areas that they have “nourished” with visualizations and affirmations, but they have problems in other fields of their lives (relationships, health etc.), the areas for which they haven’t applied any “decorations”…

All this happens because when the subconscious is imprinted with a negative program , it manifests it in any life area where it finds a weak spot, a life area where your attention is not focused. And it does that just to help you notice that the program still exists and that you’ll have to deal with it sooner or later.

Cristiana Eltrayan, international speaker and therapist, that works with deprogramming the subconscious and the energy field with the therapy called Soul Healing, says:

” When I work with my clients in the Soul Healing sessions, I am almost always bewildered of the programs that are hiding behind an apparently common situation (fighting with the husband, loosing a job or an amount of money etc.). I say I am bewildered because most of the times the program I find at the root cause of that situation is completely different, as structure, from the situation itself. For example, for someone who had constant fights with the husband, without being able to leave the relationship,  the root cause was that she strongly believed she has to help and protect him regardless of the circumstances (even though in her mind she thought she hates him). Her root program was forcing her to constantly try to change him and stay by his side, which was forcing upon his free will and leading to the endless fights.

Or, another example, someone was not able to change her job because of some programs that were blocking her creativity and causing her genital problems (that apparently had no connection to her job change). When we discovered and started working for the healing of those problems, her job changed within days.

Someone else is cheated with her best friend because of some self-esteem issues, that, when resolved, the best friend was finally forgiven and integrated as “best teacher”. And so on…

And in this field of expertise – the working with the subconscious – when we look for the root cause of a situation we can never apply a learned pattern, each one has his individual, unique mechanisms, and the answers can be found in the most surprising places.” Cristiana Eltrayan

The difference between Soul Healing and the classical psychological therapy (or even home training with affirmations) is that with Soul Healing we literally go to to the root cause of the problem, we find the basic programs that have generated (that can even be in other lifetimes) and we extract and replace the programs from all the levels of one’s being: basic level (things learned from your tutors/school), the genetic level(things picked up from your family), the historical one (things that you’ve learned from your people/country), and the soul level (things learned from your soul’s journeys in other lifetimes or planetary systems). We also extract the program from all timelines, space and dimensions where you might have manifested it/picked it up. Once we’ve extracted the basic program, we undo it and replace it with a more beneficial programming that we integrate it on all the levels of one’s being (physical,emotional, mental, and energetic level). So, it’s deep, long lasting work, almost like an energetic surgery. Which basically means that we first take the garbage out of the carpet, throw it away, clean the carpet and only after doing all that we bring the lamp and the luxurious plant.

How do we do all this? Well, we start with a simple relaxation exercise that brings you into the Alpha-Theta state, we maintain you in that state with our own energy emanation (without you falling asleep or under hypnosis) all along the session, and then we ask specific questions to help you focus on what you want to change.

“The Alpha-Theta state allows both me and my client to stay very alert and conscious throughout the talk so that we go to more profound layers of the problem, and also deeper layers of consciousness about how it manifested. And the answers to the questions we make also come from that deeper level of consciousness, which is generally far more profound than the one someone has in the day to day life (because I strongly believe that you cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness where it has been created: you have to go beyond that level to find the solution). Then, once we found the root cause, we extract and replace the programs that have generated it. As we operate the program from all the levels of one’s being, the genetic imprints, the country imprints, but also those learnt in schools and soul’s journeys, it’s like a general cleaning, on all timelines and in all the lifetimes where that program might have occured . We therefore make sure that there are no further manifestation of that program in the person’s life.

At the end of the session we give him methods for “maintaining his house clean”: recorded guided meditations, detox methods, nutritional advice, emotional recalibration techniques and so on. ” Cristiana Eltrayan

On November 3 we start presenting this method with a conference and class that help you learn how to practice the Soul Healing technique at home and with others.

If you’re a therapist or light-worker of any kind, Soul Healing Therapy will definitely add gold to your activity.







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