The connection between wealth and relationships


Is there a connection between wealth and relationships?

Well, it seems there is…

How come?

Energetically, they both relate to the same energy center  – the sacral chakra – which determines how harmonious, joyful and free your sexuality and relationships are, as well as how abundant and easy-flowing financially your life is. When one is blocked – with harsh feelings, resentment or guilt – the other gets blocked too; when one is flowing – in harmony, peace and joyful sharing – the other one is flowing too, and an abundance of money comes our way. So, good exercises for the sacral chakra, as conscious breathing, guided meditation and yoga poses (asanas) sure help improving the health in that area, as well as maybe sharing your issues with a specialist, having healing sessions on the topic, ca guide you to a more fulfilled and abundant life.

relationships-abundance-2Scientifically, there’s a similar explanation based on how the hormone is functioning. So, when one is happy is his relationship, well polarized, harmoniously sharing, there’s just the right amount of testosterone (in men) and estrogen (in women), as well as serotonin (the happiness hormone) and oxytocin (the love-compassion hormone) that keep the body healthy as well as a wonderful mental tonus, leading to more creative ideas – that can result in abundance – and to a right rhythm between giving and receiving. When this fabulous hormone cocktail is balanced, you know exactly when to start working and create, as well as when to rest, relax and reap the abundant fruits of your creation, resulting in wealth and abundance. Other than that, often people strive so much, out of the need of being liked or acknowledged, and often they forget to step back and receive the fruits of their work. Or, in other cases, when depressed and disappointed in their relationships, they block their creativity ending up in total inaction – the other pole of the abundance blocks. A good rhythm in relationships dynamics leads to a good hormonal flow and thus a good rhythm in life, leading to abundance.

A third point of view is the one regarding the energy field openness : when opened, calm and happy in relationships and life, maybe having a good self-confidence level, a good self esteem, the energy fields are opened, calling in more of that good, opened to receive abundance and a healthy money flow  that is providing the attitude of “I deserve to receive” and the good results of that.

Therefore, when looking for a more abundant flow in your life, the first step is clearing and harmonizing the relationships field, past and present love relationships as well as relationships with family members and those others you feel entangled with. A good look at your sexuality rhythm helps into that, too.  We have prepared for you a wonderful guided meditation, also healing and counselling sessions and a Relationships and abundance online workshop and video class to help you with that, so feel free to tap into any of these solutions for more happiness and more abundance in your life! To tap into any of those resources please follow the links or contact us for more guidance.


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