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The connection between relationships and abundance – Online Workshop
Is there a connection between relationships and abundance?
Well, it seems there is! Years of study and the therapy sessions that I practice brought this conclusion and I’m gonna share how in a 90 minutes event that is happening online.
Those who cannot meet us online, subscribe and you get the recording via e-mail.
Why is this important for you?
  – if you’ve been having trouble managing your finances,
  – if you know you have greater potential or you could gain more but never dared to break through the habitual financial patterns,
  – if you’re making a lot of money but still don’t know how they seem to “go away” really quick
 – if you’ve been struggling with relationships your whole life (going “on and off” love affairs),
    then this webinar is for you!
 What are the benefits?
  • It shows you patterns and keys at the practical, scientific level but also at the energetic level to sort things out;
  • It teaches you how to open up to new opportunities but also how to open your heart for more love;
  • It shares ancient wisdom and modern science to heal and reassess both the wealth and relationships field as it turns out that, yes, they ARE connected.
So prepare a comfortable place in your home, grab your laptop ow smartphone and join me Friday, October 7, 2016, 8 pm EET (check it in your timezone).
Those who cannot meet us online, subscribe and you get the recording via e-mail.
 See video presentation here:
Webinar contribution:  21 Euro/22 USD/29 AUD .
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Looking forward to meet you!
Here is some info on the facilitator of the webinar (me 🙂 )